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The love of books, made me an avid reader and the love of reading worthwhile stuff, inspired me to write. Somewhere in the sub-conscious mind, an idea, an incident, a character, becomes the stepping stone of my stories. My journey as an author has just began and I shall put sincere efforts to write meaning content, for all you passionate and lovely readers.

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  • M.A. (Economics) | M.Com | M.Ed. | M.B.A. (Fin.)
  • Mass Comm. | Ph.D. (Industrial Estate)

So far, I have written and published three books and have received fair amount of appreciation on the effort. I have ambitious plans to write diversified content falling in different genres.


The book is about heartwrenching stories of individuals who undergo tremendous pain and difficulties due to their illnesses. The book is a reflection of the experiences individuals get from the ICU situations. As a patient or a family member or a friend, These circumstances change us forever. The ICU narrates the stories of relations, characters, and individuals getting exposed against the backdrop of medical emergencies. Thesestores are bound together by their ICU experiences.

3.7 of 5 Stars | 36 Reviews in Amazon


Unfold pages to open mystery, Which usually create chilling history. As you open one by one each page, You will get to form clear image. Sometime give smile on face, Sometime make cry when trace. It may be pleasant for a while, Feel without this you are not alive. Is this just a mere feeling, That obsession is always healing. Cannot understand what to do, Just help me to move it through. This is the place where your heart will pound, You will imagine sheer beauty around.

4.4 of 5 Stars | 36 Reviews in Amazon


Most of the poems in this book are of inspirational accent. Sweet Smile is the first and the most favorite poem of author. In this poem, the author has tried to express the power of a sweet smile. A sweet smile which costs nothing, but is beyond price. A positive mind and attitude is the first step toward success. The rest of the steps will be achieved automatically. Never get disheartened from failures. May be it is stepping-stone toward success.

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